The Grand Dome

The Grand Dome is located at the main beach entrance. This is the heart of the Phoenix Beach development where tourist buses will transport visitors to the Pedestrian Walk lit by futuristic Solar Trees and digital audio-visual displays creating a vibrant welcome. As visitors enter onto the boardwalk made of polished granite, it will start to ascend at an angle of 25 degrees in layered steps that lead to a massive Sculpture and a stainless steel railing protected viewing ledge from where all sides of Phoenix Beach will be visible.

Visitors will be able to see the entire length of the beach and on their left they will be look in awe at the astounding Fish Scale Grand Hotel on the north end of the beach. To the right they will be able to view the colorful Dancing Fountains attraction and the glass and crystal structure of the Lord Buddha World Park. Beyond that the Zen Park, the Games Support Centre and the bowl of the Concerts Venue Amphitheatre will be visible. The underside of the Grand Dome will have hundreds of LED lights bathing the beach in light after sunset. The underside will provide access directly below to the Phoenix Ice Rink and to Underground Retail, Services, Cinemas, Facilities and Attractions.

Approximate Constructed Areas:  3900 Sq mtrs Approx.