Landscaping and Fountains

Although some trees and plants may be removed Dewan will however create a greener and eco friendly atmosphere. Dewan will plant more trees and create more vistas and areas for relaxation. The whole area will be transformed to provide a rejuvenating experienceThe Landscaping Plan will retain perennial trees & plants and incorporate indigenous trees, shrubs, plants & fauna from the Nha Trang area and Vietnam.
Horticulturists hired full time will be part of the Phoenix Beach Landscape Centre (PBLC).
The Centre will maintain a seasonal planting plan for flowers and shrubs and experiment with fruit trees and numerous varieties of Palm & Coconut trees.

Landscaped fountains, statues and step waterfalls aclass="animate fadeInUplong Tran Phu and the Boardwalk will be lit by computer controlled LED mood lighting and will create a carnival atmosphere at Phoenix Beach.