There is very little area for parking given the scope of the development so it is essential to create substantial parking to accommodate thousands of additional parking spaces required as tourist traffic increases in Nha Trang.

Providing additional parking must be a joint effort between DEWAN and the State as creating meaningful underground and multi-floor parking is limited due to the narrow size of the beach and Tran Phu. Also allocation of above ground spaces in exchange for attractions that can be built there is not a viable alternative. Even though underground parking below a busy thoroughfare such as Tran Phu is difficult and costly to build. DEWAN however, has taken into account the above dilemma and has proposed parking at various underground locations which have been agreed already. Dewan has also agreed as per the directives of the PPC to limit the floors above ground to 5 instead of 10 at the Phoenix Garden Towers location at component no. 52 – 53 near the bridge with an underpass from east to west to ease traffic flow and congestion.

Additional space provided by the Province on another nearby location for a multi-floor Car Park could better resolve this issue. It is, however, Dewan’s suggestion only.
Approximate Constructed Areas:   20860 sqmtrs. Approx.