HTT-Beach Tram

HTT (Hybrid Tram Transporter) will bring to the residents of Nha Trang, a Tram Network to cover the entire length of the Tran Phu Street connecting all its facilities, services and attractions on Phoenix Beach. It will be a world first!
The HTT will be a futuristic double Decker hybrid vehicle, with one side openings, operating on a single track, with tracks embedded in the ground causing no interference with the landscape or the practical use of any area in its way. It will have 9 stops along its route allowing beach visitors to step off and enjoy the various attractions along its route. All bonafide tourists will be given sponsored free ride smart cards to be used as currency for the ride. These passes will be distributed to tourists at points of entry into the city and country, thus raising the awareness of a new vibrant and emerging Nha Trang.
Unlike buses, but like trolleybuses, electric / hybrid trams give off no exhaust emissions at any point of use. Compared to motorbuses the noise of trams is exceptionally less disturbing with no disgusting exhaust from buses at bus stops.
Multiple entrances allow trams to load faster than other public transport alternatives. The tram stops on the street are easily accessible. Passenger comfort is greater in comparison to buses because of controlled acceleration and braking and curve easement. Rail transport tracks which are used by trams provides a smoother ride than road use by buses. Trams run more efficiently and overall operating costs are lower.