The Underpass

The Underpass will be the lifeline of all activities and will provide important access for all supply lines and logistics. Dewan proposes the Underpass will start at 30 meters south of the intersection of Teu Tinh Street & Tran Phu Street. It will have several openings open to sky, keeping flow of fresh air and sound pollution in check. It will travel underneath up to intersection of Le Thanh Ton Street & Tran Phu Street (This Needs further clarifications and planning authority guidelines).

It will connect to all major hotels and the Underground shopping mall and sporting arenas. It will also have direct access to the Underground Car Parks.

The Underpass will facilitate smooth flow of traffic efficiently splitting beach traffic and visitors from normal vehicular traffic and will support access and exits to the Underground Areas. The Underpass will have Air Flow controllers, Public Address Systems, Hotline Emergency Call Booths, Escape exits and Pedestrian walking areas.

Approximate Constructed Areas:              1100 mtrs Approx on Tran Phu