Visitor Relations

visiter relations centre

The Visitor Relations Bureau (VRB) will provide all tourists with detailed information of all activities on the beach and ways and means for visitors to travel to Dewan Highlands at Hon ba and other tourist attractions of Nha Trang and its adjoining areas. THE VRB will be housed in a prime Underground Location and will have linked at all entrances Tourists and Visitors will be able to use touchscreen info-pods to get instant information about various activities, attractions and services of not only Phoenix Beach but also Nha Trang. The Beach Media Centre will provide live feeds to these info-pods and large format screens along the Boardwalk, on offers and promotions and inform tourist about upcoming events, competitions, exhibitions and Services. There will be a LOST & FOUND desk and also a DAY LEFT LUGGAGE counter. It will also have ATMs and an International Post office.

Approximate Constructed Areas:: 120 Sq. mtrs each