The Underground

An 80,000 m2 exciting underground development

The Underground Areas - directly under the Tran Phu Street and connected with the beach in the east and the Vehicular Underpass to the west - It will comprise of travel agents, airline offices, tour operators, banks & ATM machines, money exchange, baby day care center, landscaped atriums, Wi-Fi zones, Pharmacy, Scooter Hire, Car Hire, Visitor Relations Bureau (VRB) & recording studio, Restrooms, Emergency Clinic, Beach Control Room, Leisure and Service outlets for visitors and tourists, Souvenir Shops, a Supermarket, Electronic Shop, Swim & Eyewear Shops, Surf Shop, Fashion Shops, Florists, Books & Stationery, Music, Dive Shop, Handmade Local Jewelry, Beach Footwear, Sports Goods, Box Office, Fast Food Restaurants, Food Kiosks, Dine in Casual Restaurants, Pubs & Bars and attractions such as Cinemas, an Ice Skating Rink for the city, a Bowling Alley and much more .. !!!
Please contact any Dewan Group Office or your agent for any further queries.