Arboreal Cafe

This is a truly unique concept being attempted in the city environment for the first time probably. So careful planning has gone into the design and the concept itself. The design itself has been undertaken by a renowned architect and use of modern structural frames supporting the mostly timber and steel walkways are planned. There will be a walk above the tree line for people to enjoy a panoramic view of the Phoenix Beach and will support a seating and relaxing area on top with balconies. The Ground below will be free of structures save and except some service support areas for Underground Kitchens/Toilets and some seating and service areas on the ground level.

The idea is to have a new and unique café up in the trees and leave as much open space as possible to keep maximum public areas available for common use. The café will support seating of over 100 patrons and visitors at any given time. It will be built over a virtual sky area of approximately 120 meters long by 52 meters wide and will start directly north, adjacent to the Sailing Club venue.

Approximate Area: 6240 Sq.mtrs Approx.